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Created with over 25 years of marketing experience and a deep understanding of how to motivate pet owners, Vetovia puts your important messages at the tips of your client’s fingers.

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Vetovia was built and is powered by the expert veterinary minds at InTouch Practice Communications. Our 25 years of veterinary marketing and client communications experience were combined with the most modern development technologies to create veterinary medicine’s most powerful client communications app.

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Vetovia is like buying time

We listened to veterinary professionals and pet owners alike and learned just how valuable and starved both are for time.

Pet owners are busy and cannot possibly remember all of their own appointments much less those of their pets. They want a veterinarian who communicates with direct, modern messaging through a mobile app. It needs to be easy and intuitive. Verbiage needs to sound like their vet and help them understand how to be a great pet owner.

Veterinary practices are busy places that frequently have to skip reminder and client reactivation efforts, yet they pay the price with missed revenue and lapsing client relationships. They need tools that improve efficiencies, free up staff to do more productive tasks, and build stronger client bonds. Oh yeah, practices want to increase profits.

So, we got to work and created a system that is easy to use and checks all the boxes. By reminding pet owners of their upcoming and overdue appointments, allowing them to confirm or request an appointment through the app, and receive important messages directly from their vet, we fit the bill. But, we were not done.

Veterinarians Are Concerned About Their Online Reputation

An equally common thread that runs through many conversations is a practice’s online reviews. So, we tapped into our experience in improving the reputations of thousands of veterinary practices and expanded Vetovia to include online reputation builder technologies! These features make it easy for pet owners to share the wonderful experiences they are having in your practice! Did you know that 88% of people trust an online review as much as they trust a recommendation from a friend?

Customer Service Must Be Awesome

You are busy, need quick response, and great attention to detail. You want to work with a firm that knows you. You need a tool that helps you be there for your clients. We get it. That’s why dedicated managers and support staff are assigned to your account, learn about your needs, and are famously responsive.

Meet the veterinary experts behind Vetovia.

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