Vetovia is Veterinary Communications Made Easy

Vetovia integrates with your veterinary practice management software to populate and power an app that your pet owners download to their phones.

During the install and setup phase, your project manager will learn what reminder timelines and strategies your practice would like to deploy, help you develop custom verbiage, and introduce you to the easy to understand Vetovia dashboard.

A man in a shirt holds a smartphone with his hand. Abstract icons of mail, internet, teephone and message with notifications. Feedback concept. Close up. Toned.

Once installed, sit back and let Vetovia do the heavy lifting. Your clients will receive text, email, push, and postcard notifications for appointments that are scheduled and those services that are upcoming or overdue.

From there clients can easily confirm or request appointments right from their phones or desktop computers.

Creating and maintaining a modern communication plan has never been easier.

Learn how Vetovia can help grow your practice.