Vetovia is Built for Veterinarians by Veterinary Experts

Vetovia is easy for you and your clients to use, improves efficiency, and increases profits. Have a look around, your staff and clients will love that you did!

Appointment Reminders

Clients will receive text, email, push notification, and/or postcards reminding them of scheduled, upcoming yet unscheduled, or overdue services. Use of custom messaging creates reminders that truly motivate pet owners to be compliant!

Client Confirmations

With the push of a button, pet owners can easily confirm that they will be at their appointments allowing your staff to focus on more productive in practice tasks.

Client Reactivations

Pet owners who have gone “missing” are identified and reactivated through great logic, custom verbiage, and an easy appointment request process. Vetovia allows you to recapture those missing dollars!

Improves Online Reputation

After a visit is complete pet owners receive a request to review the service they received. Vetovia’s technology allows for practices to control where the reviews are posted ensuring that only the most authentic and accurate reviews are posted publicly.

Client Communications Made Easy

We know that keeping up with communications can be difficult. That’s why we’ve built a system that allows customers to be segmented and custom email messages to be sent with the push of a button. Vetovia makes alerting clients of important information like recalls, outbreaks, or changes in the practice a breeze.

Get a Clear View Anywhere at Anytime

Vetovia’s practice facing dashboard is cloud based, can be accessed from any device, and offers a clear view of the upcoming schedule, confirmations, reactivations, and most importantly its impact on your bottom line by showing actual dollars generated by the system.

Learn how Vetovia can make your life easier.