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Use Vetovia's custom ROI Calculator below to see the impact on your practice's bottom line.

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Vetovia's Performance Metrics

Through easy connectivity, great logic and automatic communications, Vetovia reactivates clients who have gone MIA. Studies have shown that each month, Vetovia generates an average of 10 new appointments from MIA clients per full time veterinarian.

2 Doctor Practice
Reactivates 20 clients/mo
Average Transaction $161.00
Total Gross (Reactivated Revenue) $3,220.00/mo
20% Profit Margin Yields $644.00/mo
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Vetovia's Custom ROI Calculator

Learn how Vetovia can make a positive impact on your bottom line. Keep in mind that our calculator asks about profit margins so that we are talking about true profit dollars when calculating the return on investment. While we have used industry standard numbers as place holders, please feel free to adjust to your practice’s needs.

Clinic Info


Return on Investment

Monthly Price

$ 299.00

Recaptured Profit Gained (After Cost)

$ 667.00

Profit Breakdown

Total Combined Profit

$ 966.00

Recaptured Profit from Reactivated Clients

$ 644.00

Recaptured Profit from Decreased Missed Appointments

$ 322.00

Additional Calculation Breakdown

Appointments Information

Profit Per Appointment

$ 32.00

Potential Missed Revenue

$ 8,372.00

Potential Missed Profit

$ 1,674.00

Potential Recaptured Missed Appointments


Potential Recaptured Missed Revenue

$ 1,610.00

Potential Recaptured Missed Profit

$ 322.00

Reactivations Information

Potential Reactivation Revenue

$ 3,220.00

Potential Reactivation Profit

$ 644.00