Why Integrate Vetovia with Your Veterinary Practice Management Software?

One of the biggest problems animal hospitals face today is retaining clients and keeping them up to speed on their pet’s care. We all live busy lives. It’s easy to miss your dog’s heartworm treatment or forget an appointment, and then neglect to reschedule that appointment for a later date. This can lead to a lapse in care and sever the veterinarian-client-patient relationship.

In veterinary medicine, communication is key, but maintaining communication with your clients can be tough. The phone is always ringing, but your staff members have to make dozens of reminder calls. This cuts into the time they could be spending on in-person communication with clients, establishing new clients and patients, and providing the best customer service and patient care.

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Our Veterinary Practice App Might be the Solution You Need

Apps might seem like a dime a dozen, but we’re seeing a greater push towards their use in all kinds of businesses–including animal hospitals. Because so many people rely on their phones for communication, information, and transactions, apps have become an incredibly useful marketing tool. Their convenience and functionality simply can’t be beat. Vetovia can simplify various processes in your practice and help it succeed like never before.

Vetovia is a cloud-based appointment reminder system that integrates seamlessly with your practice management software–be it Avimark, Cornerstone Vet, or IDEXX.  It does several things:

  • Allows you to communicate with clients on their terms.
    Communicate with your clients in ways they prefer–via text, email, push notification, and/or postcard.
  • Eliminates the need for follow-up phone calls.
    Let your clients confirm their appointments in their own time, so your busy staff members won’t need to pick up the phone.
  • Encourages positive reviews.
    Vetovia sends automatic review requests to clients who have just seen you for an appointment. You can peruse these privately and choose the ones that are most beneficial to your online reputation.
  • Sends out important alerts.
    Alert clients to product recalls, practice promotions, and more with a button press.
  • Lets you login from anywhere.
    The Vetovia app allows you to login from any device to get the information you need, including revenue generated by appointments.
  • Buys you–and your clients–more time.
    Finally, we recognize that your team and your clients are extremely busy. Vetovia does the grunt work so you can all focus on what’s most important–keeping pets healthy. 
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The Benefits of Using Vetovia…for Vet Practices

 What makes Vetovia so beneficial to veterinary practices?

  • Text messages have a much higher open rate than emails do.
  • Vetovia performs across all devices and is compatible with a variety of practice management software systems.
  • It helps your practice maintain a closer connection with your clients.
  • Reminder postcards are expensive (and can take time for your staff to prepare).
  • Automated reminders can save your staff time. They won’t need to use up precious minutes or hours making reminder calls to clients. Instead, they can focus on providing quality customer service and patient care.
  • Vetovia can increase your practice’s revenue while also adding value to your clients’ experience.

How Vetovia Benefits Pet Parents

Vetovia doesn’t just make life easier for you and your staff–it makes life much easier for your clients, too.

  • Vetovia gives people more control over their pet’s health and welfare. They can manage appointments, order products, and make notes about their pet’s health all in one place.
  • The convenience and ease of interacting with your practice creates a much more positive and rewarding experience for pet parents.
  • By staying connected with your practice, pet parents can stay better informed about their pet’s needs and be confident they’re making the right choices regarding their care.

Vetovia is Backed by the Experienced, Vet-Centric Experts at InTouch

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The InTouch team has years of experience working with vet practices, helping them improve their communications and keep clients engaged. We want a better experience for you and your clients, and to see you succeed.

Looking to take your veterinary practice to the next level and be the trusted, attentive veterinarian you truly want to be for your clients? Want to gain revenue without sacrificing the quality of care and service you’re dedicated to providing every day?

Give Vetovia a try, and see the difference it can make for your practice.