Make COVID-19 Communication Easier with the Vetovia Veterinary Practice App

woman walking dog with mask on

Our pets are a major source of comfort in the best of times, and in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, they’ve become more important than ever. Around the world, individuals and families are spending more time with their beloved dogs and cats, engaging them in additional quality playtime and letting them make appearances during video calls.

The Vetovia appointment reminder system app is an important way to provide value to your clients and keep them connected to your practice so they don’t float away and disappear. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and cloud-based, and it makes automated client communication super easy. Automatically send out appointment reminders and confirmations, reactivate clients, get more online reviews, and provide direct messaging.

Vetovia makes your clients feel more valued because you’re offering them an easier, more convenient way to communicate with your practice. And if it’s easier for them to communicate with you, then they’ll be more willing to interact with your practice regularly to stay in the loop regarding changes in your patient care and customer service protocols.

Provide Value to Your Clients

Vetovia can help to strengthen your practice’s connection with its clients. Through the app, you demonstrate communication, availability, and responsiveness, which, together, signify your willingness to reach out to your clients and meet them where they already are. This openness shows pet owners that you care about making their lives easier and continue to be concerned about their pets’ health. This provides immeasurable value to people who are probably feeling pretty isolated and confused at the moment. They just want clear communication and quick answers, which you can easily offer to them via the app.

vetovia app example

How to Connect with Pet Owners Using Vetovia

Here are some specific examples of how you can use Vetovia to connect with pet owners and keep them informed during the pandemic:

Send messages to your clients.

Keep your client base apprised of the latest happenings. Inform them about your COVID-19 protocols via email blasts and/or push notifications.

Give clients access to resources via your “News” tab.

Share COVID-19 protocol information, helpful links, and plenty of other resources under the “News” tab of the app, so it’s easily accessible to your clients.

Prepare clients for their upcoming appointments.

Provide your clients with instructions on how they can best be prepared for their pet’s upcoming appointment via email, text, or push notification reminder. The verbiage for these instructions is easily customizable, so you can either include the information right in the email, or provide a link that leads to more detailed information about preparing for an appointment.

reminder message

Create a Consistent, Relevant Message

With Vetovia, it’s easier to build a strong, consistent message across multiple channels. This message should be educational, to the point, and always relevant in order to benefit your clients. This is especially important as your protocols change in accordance with public health policy. Everyone–pet parents included–is keeping tabs on the latest COVID-19 updates!